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Addams Family Cast List

Thank you to all who auditioned for The Addams Family.  Auditioning is a challenging and emotional experience and not for the faint of heart.  We appreciate and respect all who muster up the courage, put themselves out there, and share their talents.  We sincerely hope you will consider auditioning for more of our upcoming productions.

Gomez: Chris Metz
Morticia: Celeste Baillio
Wednesday: Kenzie Davis
Fester: Brad Noble
Grandma: Annalee Roberts
Pugsley: Mac Brough/Josh Gunnell
Lurch: John McVey

Lucas: Daniel Francis
Alice: Lauren Sidwell
Mal: John Brailsford

Jordan Ames
Jessica Christensen
Breanna Gunther
Adrienne Hansen
Amber Kacherian
Judy Ludlow
Walker McKenna
Staci Nemelka
Taylor Regen
Lotti Sidwell
Lizzy Swink
Mason Syddall
Cami Trappett
Maxx Tuescher
Brock Wilson


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