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Thoroughly Modern Millie Cast List

Please accept your role below.  The first rehearsal will be Wednesday, January 17, 7:00 p.m. in the Cedar Ridge Elementary School Choir Room.  Please indicate whether you will be in attendance that night while accepting your role.  Thanks to everyone who came to audition!

Millie Dillmount: Clarissa Boston
Jimmy Smith: Trevor Dean
Miss Dorothy Brown: Aubree Keate
Trevor Graydon: Cory Keate
Mrs. Meers: Celeste Baillio
Muzzy Van Hossmere: Teresa Jones
Ching Ho: TBA
Bun Foo: TBA
Miss Flannery: Amber Kacherian
Ruth: Jordan Ames
Gloria: Karrie Randall
Rita: Staci Nemelka
Alice: Shanna Hunsaker
Cora: Ashlee Giblette
Lucille: Nalani Mathias
Ethel Peas: Lotti Sidwell
Pearl Woman: Emma Duffin
Dorothy Parker: Annalee Roberts
Muzzy’s Boys: Landon Bauer, Josh Hopkins, Jared Rindlisbacher, Maxx Teuscher, Brock Wilson

Jordan Ames, Jenny Albrechtsen, Landon Bauer, Calissa Beach, Tara Bone, Rylan Draper, Emma Duffin, Londan Duffin, Abby Freeman, Ashlee Giblette, Jared Gregerson, Lillie Gregory, Breanna Gunther, Holly Gunther, Rachel Gunther, Liam Herbert, Josh Hopkins, Kim Hoppie, Shanna Hunsaker, Katelyn Isaacson, Devanie Jensen, Amber Kacherian, Judy Ludlow, Nalani Matthias, Staci Nemelka, Karrie Randall, Jared Rindlisbacher,  Annalee Roberts, Lotti Sidwell, Maya Simmons, Maxx Teuscher, Hiram Wigant, Brock Wilson
*Additional placement such as stenographer/tappers will be determined the first week of rehearsals

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